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Consumrism in WALL-E

            Consumerism is the act of buying products without any need and awareness. It is compulsive, unhealthy and uncontrolled behavior. It is a characteristic of the modern era labeled as "consumer society" and it is growing wildly in the world. Criticisms against this system also grow. Satires in newspapers, articles, documentaries and even children's cartoons are ways to criticize this era of waste and excessive disposal. An example of criticism of consumerism can be seen in Walt Disney movie produced in 2008, WALL-E. The film is set in the year 2700, in an uninhabitable Earth and tells us the story of the little robot WALL-E, a garbage compactor robot that was left on earth. After the excess of waste and pollution in the Earth, humans were forced to evacuate the planet and moved to an interstellar station. Humans are all obese, do not communicate with each other and live in their floating chairs eating and consuming. The film criticizes intelligently consumerism era and serves as a warning to our society in relation to the terrible results that this system can cause to the Earth and to ourselves.
             One of the consequences of excessive consumerism is pollution. The waste of products and the large amount of garbage are a direct result of excess consumption. In the film, the existing garbage on Earth forced humans to leave the planet. Due to the large amount of waste, our planet became uninhabitable, polluted, and dirty. Just Wall-E stayed on earth to try to clean all accumulated waste. Nowadays, the situation is not much different. Mountains of garbage appear daily on our planet and there is no space to store all that junk. Open dumps, sanitary landfills, incineration. These are some of the techniques used to eliminate all spare and disposal of products used by ourselves. But how long this will continue? The land is already at its limit and asks for help.
             Another cause of the breakthrough in the world of consumerism is the current economic system adopted almost everywhere in the world, capitalism.

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