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Debate Paper - Occupational Health

             Safety in a workplace is important because it prevents injuries and illnesses from hazardous substances for the employees. Employers are supposed to implement safety policies and precautions to reduce physical, chemical and other workplace hazards that may occur. Employers are to make sure each employee's health is not at risk while working. The controversy about whether implying safety polices is actually keeping the amount of injuries to a minimum is a debate. Employees may follow protocol for precarious circumstances but it does not always prevent people from being incapacitated. People begin to wonder if safety measures are justly being used in the workplace and if the safety procedures are effective. How does workplace safety procedures affect employees' health? This question arises as people begin to wonder if safety polices are used efficiently.
             Cause of Injuries.
             Occupational injuries are determined by working circumstances and the aptitude of workers to deal with them (Cooper, Clarke, & Burke, 2011, p. 119). As an employee, an individual has rights to ensure a safe and healthy environment. With these rights, employees have the right to have any risks to their health and safety properly controlled (Employees' health and safety responsibilities). The cause of workplace injuries is related to the lack of following safety procedures efficiently while performing tasks along with other reasons such as fatigue, stress, trips, and hazardous materials. Fatigue is a cause of workplace injuries because employees are often overworked or tend to overwork themselves which causes mental and physical exhaustion. This usually causes impaired judgment and delayed responses to emergency situations and inattentiveness to details and instructions (Hamlett, 2015). Stress is another factor that causes most injuries in the workplace in which anxiety about personal hassles outside of work along with difficulties within the workplace distracts an employee that causes carless mistakes.

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