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Food Chains, Webs and Pyramids

            I currently am a social studies teacher at a special act school for emotionally disturbed, delinquent teens. For the sake of this lesson, I have chosen to create a science lesson for an imaginary inclusive 8th grade science class. Since the class I currently work in is a self-contained contained setting, I am pretending to teach a science class in the Bedford Central School district; which is my former place of employment. In 2014, there were a total of 1010 and 1394 students in Foxlane Middle School and Foxlane High school respectively. This accounts for 2404 students in the Bedford School Districts secondary education programs. These students are comprised from a very diverse population. White/Caucasian student make up the largest ethnicity represented by the student body with a 1579 students. Hispanic students make up the second largest ethnicity of the student body with a total of 548 students. Black and Asian students are almost tied for the third largest population of the secondary education student body, having 111 and 109 students respectfully. The rest of the student population is comprised of 54 multicultural students, 2 pacific islanders and 1 Native American. .
             In addition to the diverse student population in regards to ethnicity, there are also a wide range of students with special needs. There are 231 students with disabilities, including learning and physical disabilities. There are a total of 94 students in Foxlane Middle/High School who are English Language Learners. There are 80 students who require counseling or some form of therapy. There are a total of 13 English Language Learners in the 8th grade, several of which are dispersed throughout the five different classes. Additionally, there are several students that have I.E.Ps or 504s. The majority of these students are located in a co-taught class where there is a learning specialist that is there to help them. The E.

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