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Beowulf - His Own Worst Enemy

            In everyday society, America is faced with heroes as well as enemies everywhere. I feel like a lot of people can agree with me that at some point in time, whether it be past or present, they have been their own worst enemy. Even people in stories can be their own enemy. A great example of a fictional person who is their own enemy is Beowulf. He is insecure, mentally weak, and reckless.
             I can relate to Beowulf on some level of being my own enemy, by being mentally weak. I don't know how or even when to accept defeat and this is what makes me my own enemy. I don't like being seen as anything less than strong and independent. Beowulf is the same way. He wants to be seen as a winner and nothing less. When someone comes along to cause him, or anyone for that matter, to doubt his strength, he has to justify his actions. In lines 529-581, when Unferth tries to tell Beowulf that he isn't as great as he likes to make himself out to be, Beowulf has to dispute Unferth's remarks. When bringing up the fact that Beowulf lost to the sea monster, Brecca, in a swimming match, Beowulf explained the whole reasoning to why he lost. He created this elaborate story and even told Unferth that the match wasn't a real match because Beowulf and Brecca go way back and they have contests like the swimming one all the time. This shows his mental weakness by proving that he is scared to show that he is not as strong as he portrays himself to be (Haney ln. 529-581).
             Lines 529-581 also show Beowulf's insecurity. He's insecure about being thought less by anyone. He wants to uphold his reputation. He wants to be known as someone who is brave and strong not weak and cowardly. He puts on this tough guy exterior when he knows deep down that he will be ruined if people thought of him as anything less of a hero or courageous soul. He wants to be the talk of the town not the laughing stock. This is harmful on one's self-esteem because they hide their true self and don't know how to react when the true version of themselves sees light.

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