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College Athletes - Slaves to the NCAA

             College labor equity is a heavily debated issue. It comes down to a more specific argument as to whether or not college athletes should be paid to play sports in college. There are many reasons which support changing current regulations in regard to paying college athletes. The NCAA, colleges, and coaches make a fortune off student athletes every year. Many student athletes live below the poverty level while they are in college, mostly because they are unpaid for their positions on the team and are unable to get jobs due to time restrictions. The opposition argues that student athletes are already paid from the scholarships they receive and that student athletes cannot be paid due to their amateur status. However, it is evident that the current system is flawed and is in need of an overhaul. Solutions are simple. Students should be paid to play the sports they were recruited for with restrictions that make the game fair for players and organizations alike.
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             College Athletes: Slaves to the NCAA .
             "Every single time you step on the football field, in between those lines, you're putting your life, your career, and every single ligament in your body in jeopardy." Robert Griffin III.
             Labor equity in college sports is the argument as to whether or not college athletes should be compensated for their participation in college athletics. The NCAA stand's strong in their belief that college athletes should maintain an amateur status and that, if they were compensated, they would be considered professionals. This argument exists regardless of the fact that most college athletes are recruited, similar to how many other job applicants are, based on their experience and skill level. Some would say that these athletes are compensated by the offering of scholarships for education. Yet, they are not allowed to take money for signing their own name for a fan.

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