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The Life of Harry S. Truman

            In the story "One Tough Son-of-a-Bitch of a Man," McCullough describes what a wonderful president Truman is, but he also describes the many tough decisions Truman was faced with during his presidency. What was Truman's most difficult decision while in office? Why was this decision so hard for Truman to make? And did the "Lesson of Munich" have any effect on the way he viewed his decision? Well President Truman felt that his most difficult decision being in office was going to war with Korea, because he feared he might be taking the country into another horrible war, and finally, the "Lesson of Munich" put a great deal of pressure on everyone.
             Harry Truman was born in a small town in Missouri, and he grew up on a farm with his family. He read many books, played the piano, and wore glasses. He even memorized the eye exam board just so he could pass to get into the military. He then enlisted in the National Guard and fought during world war one. Truman, according to McCullough, was a decent, hardworking, honest, loyal, and down to earth man. It was hard not to vote for him, and that is how he became president after Roosevelt died. In Truman's presidency, he faced many tough challenges. "His decision to go into Korea, June 1950, was the most difficult decision of his presidency" McCullough stated. Harry Truman sent American troops to defend South Korea when the communist North invaded it. Truman stated that sending the American troops over to Korea was "more difficult and important than the decision to use the atomic bomb." At the time, going to war with Korea was a popular agreement, but Harry Truman was having second guesses. .
             Truman felt that the decision to go to war with Korea was an immense outcome, even more so than using the atomic bomb, because he feared that he might have been taking the country into a dreadful war. Truman decided to take control towards the end of World War II and then not long after that, he was having to make the decision to enter Korea.

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