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WWII - Prompt and Utter Destruction

             Since the end of World War II, the world has developed in many ways and has moved on from the destruction of the past. The infamous catastrophes of the war kick started many advancements in technology and the way of human life today. Unfortunately, the world's progression stems from "the most terrible thing discovered" – the atomic bomb. Many people are still stuck on the significant question, "Why was the bomb dropped?". Simply put, President Truman's main reason to drop the atomic bomb was to end the war at the earliest possible moment. Not only that, but to also justify the costs of the Manhattan Project, impress the Soviets, and to get revenge on the Japanese.
             When at the Potsdam meeting with Stalin and Churchill, Truman received word of the great success of the Trinity test. When he learned of the tremendous power of the bomb, Truman remarked "that it gave him an entirely new feeling of confidence". Roosevelt, the president before Truman, had his mind set on winning the war with the lowest possible amount of American casualties. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to live to see the magnitude of the bomb's strength, but his Vice President at the time, Truman, had the same goal in mind for Americans. After seeing out the quick and efficient production of the atomic bomb, Truman believed that the bomb could promise a speedy Japanese surrender without the disadvantages of other ideas to end the war, and in Truman's mind, "its use did not require lengthy consideration". .
             As the war went on, Groves and his superiors in the War Department were worried that after spending excessive amounts of money and creating the actual bomb, it would fail to work properly. While that would surely be a disappointing result of all their hard work, "Truman's concerns were much broader" for a considerably selfish reason. "he could never have explained his reasoning in a way that satisfied the American people.

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