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Multicultural Project Planning in Iraq

             Pre-war and post-war has devastated the Iraq people and the country. According to Ghabra (2001), "No Arab people have been so traumatized by dictatorial rule, foreign adventurism, and war as the Iraqis under Saddam Husayn" (p. 39). The war in Iraq has relieved the Iraq people of Saddam, but the aftermath of the war has created harsher living conditions (Narrator, 2003). For example, there is no clean water for Iraq people to drink because the water will make them sick. During the Gulf War, a Coalition aircraft bombed Basra's power station cutting the power of Basra's waterworks, and the system has not been fully restored (Narrator, 2003). The country needs aid in rebuilding effort. To help aid the country's rebuilding effort Humanitarian's Organization will be expanding into Iraq. Multicultural project planning is the first step Humanitarian's Organization will have to take before expanding into Iraq. The Organization will examine the different cultures in Iraq. For example how the Iraq people "learn from others in the form of familiar associations or interpretations, beliefs, attitudes, and values" (Lott, 2010, p. 25). The purpose of this paper is to discuss topics to help gain a better understand before starting the project, ethnocentric challenges, and types of questions the researcher should ask.
             Topics to Gain a Better Understanding the Problem.
             Topics the author would like to gain a better understanding before beginning the organization's project to help aid in the country's rebuilding efforts in Iraq is the culture in Iraq. Cultures differ in basic premises that shape the worldview because culture is described as the embodiment of a worldview through learned and transmitted beliefs, values, practices, and way of living informed by historical, economic, ecological, and political forces (American Psychological Association, Inc., 2003). The second topics how that war has affected the Iraq people, both physically and mentally.

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