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Identity and Belonging

            Belonging is a basic need and we all need to belong in some way. The need to belong is vital as every human being attempts at belonging by others in society, and in social groups. In order to obtain this, an individual tries to associate themselves to the identity, values and hobbies that the society, social groups follows in order to feel like they belong. Within the process, we ourselves reaffirm our own identity, values in society. The sense of acceptance in a group is essential to how we are and the way we are perceived others in a group and society. In the process of this, the individual tends to associate with groups that share the values, beliefs, and likes. This can reaffirm the individual's identity in society. If the individual fails in archiving to obtaining the acceptance of society, or social group, the individual isolates themselves to the world. Hence why as humans we try to seek meaningful and sustainable friendships with others around them. Therefore belonging is a basic need and we all need to belong.
             The feeling of belonging from the peers around us necessary to humans as it conforms our presence. The sense of belonging and love from the peers around the certain individual must be to their satisfaction before the stage of where the individual can consider their purposes, and potential in life. After the needs of food and shelter, we must obtain a sense of acceptance from our peers and social groups the certain individual revolves around in order to judge our worth as an individual to society. We as individuals believe that we are an important part to society. In the process, we change ourselves whether that would be physically changing or changing our identity. We can also reiterate our own identity in order to fit in. An example of this is in the film 'A beautiful mind'. John Nash is really smart, be he isn't that gifted in the department of social skills. He knows where he belongs with numbers, but he doesn't quite know where he belongs in the world of people.

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