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Cherokee Voices and European Settlers

            Before Europeans began to settle what we call America. It was populated by people we called "Native Americans". Before Europeans came to America, the Native Americans Develop a diverse set of cultures that were dictated by their local environment. Meaning, natives would live of the land or habitat that they were surrounded by. Each environment is different, causing the different tribes to advance in many different ways. These diversities would create the many sects of cultures amongst the tribes. Cherokee voices opens takes a look at one specific tribe, the Cherokees and the book discusses how the arrival of the Europeans would affect their culture and way of life. The Cherokee voices opens with the arrival of Alexander Cumming. Alexander Cumming arrived in December 1729, at this point it is stated that, "no formal relationships existed between the Cherokees and the crowns of Europe." (pg.1) This meant that up to this point trade between Great Britain and the Native Americans was nearly impossible. The French tried trading with the Cherokee again, but had no luck in gaining any loyalties. The Spanish made a few trades until there was a dispute that killed ten Cherokee. Even after British colonies gave more land over to the Cherokee, they still with held their support to Britain in the war against the French in North America. .
             When Alexander Cumming Arrived, he was able to open up a communication with the Cherokee tribes, by saying he was a "representative of King George himself." (pg.4) He built trust with the Cherokee, which allowed for trade to open up between Great Britain and the Cherokees. The highest peak of trade between the British and Cherokees was during the mid-eighteenth century. The trade among the English and the Cherokee caused them to become dependent on trade, "the clothes we wear, we cannot make ourselves. Every necessary thing in life we must have from the white people.

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