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Online Piracy in Australia

             The issue of 'online piracy' also well known as 'file sharing' of material copyrighted has captured much attention in recent years by Australians. Online piracy is a topic that has continual heated debates, which has attracted global attention. As harmless as online piracy seems to many, the act is unfortunately far from it. Major companies from not only Australia but around the world such as record, film, video game and software companies are severely impacted and continually suffering every day by lost profits of billions and billions of dollars. The profit loss of companies is unfortunately the result of direct online piracy. Countless individuals believe that file sharing and online piracy is completely and utterly wrong and unethical which acknowledges being no disparate than thieving and therefore should be illegal in Australia. .
             A simplified definition of file sharing is distributing and making available flies by the worldwide Internet service. A number of candidly established applications have been created which quickens and eases the process of uploading, searching and downloading digital content illegally and without granted permission. Peer-to-peer (P2P) applications gives access to individuals to connect directly with other users, peers and individuals to share files (Norbert J. Michel, 2004). The developers of the application of P2P are the ones hosting and paying for the network. Even though the network of P2P is the most easy to access and well known, there are a variety of extended methods and applications that allow and provide the exact service and in some cases, even quicker access to information (Norbert J. Michel, 2004). Most users and typical individuals have private access to a wide range of exclusive digital content such as software, film, audio, documents, video games and pictures. As many are aware, the content is obviously not priced from copyright.

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