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Al Jabal Al Akhdar - A Jewel in the Desert

            There is no way a "green mountain" could possibly exist in the Middle East. When I first heard about Al Jabal Al Akdhar or Green Mountain, I was perplexed and curious about this place. I really did not believe that such place in the desert lands in the Middle East exists. From what I know, the desert would simply be a dry land of rocks and sand dunes. Last June 21, 2014, my college and the Desert Camels Adventures Tours organized a trip to make the summer semester extra special-a trip to the Al Jabal Al Akdhar. .
             The college's administrative staff, lecturers, technicians along with their families and friends signed up for an adventure going to one of Oman's top tourist destinations. It was a fine day to go away from the busy work in the college. It was a breather for the daily class teaching and college operations. Most felt that we all needed a break.
             Assembling in the college at 7:45 AM, I was already in the college an hour before the time of departure and ready to go for a whole day trip to Al Jabal Al AKdhar. Riding 4x4 SUVs, a delegation 40 vehicles went up to the Green Mountain. Our journey was marked by the town near the foot of the mountain, Birkat Al Mouz. Birkat Al Mouz is a town teeming with business as there are shops and restaurants for tourists in the base on the mountain. There are also travel agencies offering the tour to Al Jabal Al Akdhar. .
             Security personnel checked all the 40 plus vehicles for the passengers going up to Al Jabal Al Akdhar. It is a strict rule for the security personnel to take note of the number of people going up the mountain as well as the type of vehicle they use. Because of the elevation of the mountain of more than 2,000 feet above sea level combine with its steep slopes and sharp curves, only 4x4 vehicles are allowed when going up to the mountain. The road led to higher ground and the elevation rose as we went up to our destination.

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