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Drones - Autonomous Lethal Machines

            Should the creation of autonomous lethal machines be allowed or legalized in the United States or any country in the world? Are the benefits of autonomous lethal machines worth the risk and unpredictable danger it could cause? If so, at least, those thoughts should be given thoughtful and precise reasoning; however, I do not support the idea of creating autonomous lethal machines in this generation for war purposes. Maybe later-on in the future – two, three, or fore decades from now- it'll be more appealing to me; but for now, since the harm it could cause to Americans are greater than the good thing that is capable of I find the idea unreasonable. Therefore, the creation of autonomous lethal machines should not be legalized in the United States, or any other country in the world, because the risk it contains is higher than the benefits it would provide. According to The Washington Post, "A Future For Drones: Automatic killing," an autonomous lethal machine is an automated killing machine that functions on its own entirely with no human guidance. For example, drones that are fully functioning and performing any task at hand without humans controlling them. This is the like the next generation of war machines. These autonomous lethal machines are designed to communicate with other, while on duty, for best performance in accomplishing their mission.
             The risk the creation of an autonomous lethal machine contains is extremely high, therefore, it should not be legalized in the United States, or in any other country in the world. The creation of autonomous lethal machines is crucial. It's best when some things are controlled by human so unnecessary mistakes that could lead to serous danger are eliminated. Even though we sometimes see in the movies how helpful robotic machines can be, in the real it certainly wouldn't be the same. Yes, these automated machines are designed and programed my professionals.

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