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To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

            Stream of Consciousness Technique in To the Lighthouse and Its Function as Psychoanalysis of the Characters.
             Everybody in the world has a story to tell and everyone has their own way to tell. In general sense, the way of telling the story is called point of view and this literary term has its subtitles which are divided for now into three groups; first person narration, second person narration, and third person narration and also these subtitles have their own subtitles. Between these subtitles, there is one which has unique properties and with these properties, writers try to understand how the mind works. During their try, they also tell their stories. There are some pioneers of this technique which will be mentioned as the part of the definition of stream of consciousness technique. This essay examines one of the pioneer's work, To the Lighthouse and the significance of stream of consciousness technique throughout the novel in order to understand the psychological analysis of the characters in To the Lighthouse.
             Virginia Woolf is one of the well-known writers of the modern literature and until she became a good writer what she lived will be the subject of this paragraph. Virginia Woolf was born in January 25, 1882 as Adeline Virginia Stephen and it means that she was a child of late-Victorian period which means that she grew with the times into Modernism. Her father, Leslie Stephen was a man of letters and her mother was Julia. Both of them had married before. From their previous marriages, Julia has three children; George, Stella, Gerald and Leslie has one child; Laura. From Leslie and Julia marriage, there are four children; Vanessa, Thoby, Virginia and Adrian. All eight children lived with the parents and a number of servants. They grew up with 22 servants (such a life). During their summer holidays, they stayed at Talland House in St. Ives, Cornwall. In 1895, her mother died and Virginia suffered her first breakdown.

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