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The Expansions of the Talcot Parsons Theory

            The entry into the social world has presented the contemporary sociologist to expand and examined sociological approaches with wide array of changes occupied by individuals in a society. This in turn articulate the contemporary sociologist to define the discipline of sociology and developed models and methods, combining ideas and update classical approaches, due to negative aspects in the social world. Thus, Parsonian theory of structural functionalism is the dominant theoretical perspectives in 1960s in sociology; which motivates the basic powers that shape human performance and the responsiveness given to system prerequisites. The significant draw back behind the scene is that Parsonian theory had occupied an transitional position between traditional and modern sociology in which it examine the characters of people and their behavior in their culture and the way these are connected to other social structures and developed details of social affairs. This has created a vacuum of criticism by other sociologist that may be hard to combat due to abstract and more generalization of Parsonian theory. This essay theorizes two parts derived from ideas that Parsons has expanded Durkheim's classical legacy and the weaknesses of Parsonians theory. The ways Parsons expanded the classical legacies can be categorized as social order, social action system, pattern of variables and evolution extinction from the functional prerequisites.
             To begin, one of the ideas in which Parsons expanded the classical legacy of Durkheim is social order. Much like Durkheim, Parsons was specifically elaborated the problem of social order stemming from the normative patterns which organized the interdependent parts from social system to self-maintenance and to maintain certain boundaries related to the environment. Particularly, in the Pacific societies for example, most people do cooperate within their environment and their natural resources, and there is a degree of combination with their cultural backgrounds.

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