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Russian Natural Disasters

            The most common types of seismic activity in Russia is earthquakes but the country is also subject to tsunamis as most of these earthquakes occur in sea which then causes a tsunami. The earth is believed to be split into plates known as tectonic plates. These plates(the lithosphere) is floating on lava and when it heats up due to convection currents, the plates may collide against each other, move apart or rub against each other which causes a buildup of energy to occur causing a shake in the earth causing an earthquake. Tsunamis form when underwater earthquakes occur(most of the time) or even if an underwater volcano erupts or even icebergs split all cause great waves which inflict damage by drowning an area in water. .
             Volcanoes have no effect to Russia, they do erupt but they deliver no harm to anyone or damage any land. Volcanoes form when the tectonic plates slip past each other, becoming very hot, the rock melts and this molten lava makes its way up and keeps forming new layers of rock. Russia is known to have a peninsula (Kamchatka Peninsula) being one of the most various and active volcanic areas in the world. New landforms are created when convergent plate boundaries collide causing the land to spike up creating mountains, mountain ranges, volcanoes- this occurs a lot as there are many volcanoes in Russia and are still active. Divergent plate boundaries move apart causing mid ocean ridges and island arcs. There are two types of tectonic plates which are oceanic and continental and continental plates ,subduction zone are when an oceanic plate slips underneath a continental plate causing an earthquake to occur and may result in a tsunami with big tidal waves crashing down. .
             Kamchatka Earthquake.
             The highest magnitude earthquake in Russian history, with a magnitude of 9. Although it was the highest magnitude there was no number released of the amount of deaths. This resulted to a large tsunami to strike and cause 1 million dollars worth of damage.

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