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George Washington and Slavery

            George Washington's belief was to lead Virginia into an expedition to challenge French claims at the Allegheny River Valley. This was accomplished in 1753. In 1754, Washington led Virginian forces against French at Fort Duquesne in the upper Ohio River Valley. Washington also builds Fort Necessity at Great Meadows, Pennsylvania. Washington had faith in overcoming the French scouting gathering. He attained this on May 27 yet was compelled to surrender Fort Necessity after a snappy fight. Washington was picked, as a volunteer assistant at British General Edward Braddock's camp and walked with him and additionally the British Army against the French at Fort Duquesne1. .
             Looking for military instruction, Washington duplicates a considerable lot of Braddock's requests into one of his individual letter books. Washington's conviction of crushing the French was fulfilled when the French crushed the British at Monongahela River. Amid fight, Braddock was executed despite the fact that Washington and the British were crushed. Washington was perceived for the grit he indicated while under fight. Washington was selected leader; he was in charge of shielding a 350-mile outskirts (Boller et.al, 2004). Washington's real quality was the American Revolution. One case was the point at which he took order of the troops encompassing British man armed force and attempting to secure required powder and different supplies. Right on time in March 1776, utilizing gun s, Washington ensured Dorchester Heights, exceptionally well charging the city and constraining the British to leave on March 17. He then moved to protect New York City against the joined area and ocean powers of Sir William. .
             In New York, he conferred a military oversight by setting himself in an untenable position in Brooklyn, despite the fact that he spared his armed force by withdrawing from Manhattan into Westchester County and through New Jersey into Pennsylvania.

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