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Comparing Malcolm X and MLK Jr.

            When you think of America, what comes to mind? America, land of the free and home of brave, where equality is shared by all and opportunities for success are ample. It's 2015, and a black man sits proudly in the oval office, commanding the most powerful nation in the world. We've come quite a long way as a country since just a few decades ago. Just mere 50 years priors, people of color were regarded as second-class citizens. They didn't have equal rights or any of the opportunities that white folks did. The thought of one day having a black president would seem laughable. Blacks were oppressed and treated with distain, in order for the white man to keep his position a top his ivory tower. But out of the midst of all of this oppression and cruelty, black voices began to rise. New influential black figures started to take a stand for what was right. Men like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X came into fruition, and the civil rights movement was born. They both had different ideas and philosophies, but they're end game was the same: equal rights for all. .
             Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were two of the most prominent voices for African Americans during the civil rights movement. However, Malcolm had a lot of different and controversial views. He was not in favor of integration with whites in any sense of the word. Malcolm preached black pride, and claimed that all Africans should proudly embrace their own culture. He believed that America was too corrupt and racist to be a part of. He was quoted saying, "You don't integrate with a sinking ship." Unlike Martin, Malcolm also believed in violence; "By any means necessary. He encouraged, nay, pleaded blacks to do whatever it took to gain they're own sense of equality and freedom in racially oppressed America. He also accepted Muslim teachings and rallied for other people to do the same. It played a large role in many of his core ideas and values.

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