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Pursuing a Degree in Accounting

            The thing that has inspired me for accounting is that I have always loved to work with numbers. So why should I not pursue what I like to do and get a degree in it? All my life I have been working with numbers, like in banking and accounts receivable. After losing my job, I had the opportunity to do what I have wanted to do for a very long time. That is going back to school. So here I am attending College of Lake County for my Associates in Accounting. Doing this will let me do what I am passionate about. It will also give me and my kids a great future.
             What is accounting? Accounting is the recording of financial transactions plus storing, sorting, retrieving, summarizing, and presenting the information in various reports and analyses. But in all seriousness, intro is a lot of basics: debits and credits, how to record various transactions, basic financial ratios. The real deal is how to create various financial statements and when to use them, inventory management, depreciation and things of that nature. I find that stuff pretty interesting, but most people hate it. Managerial accounting is trying to create various statements and analyze data so that managers can make heads or tails from it. There are three different areas of accounting. The first is Sole Proprietor which is a CPA who works with many different clients. The second is a Partnership which is a CPA who works with other CPA's and they share clients. The third is a Corporation which is where a CPA joins a large company and works with many accountants. There are also many different branches of accounting. There is general accounting where you monitor accounts receivable and accounts payable. There is Financial Analysis is where you compare income and expenses to budgets or to last year's records. Taxation is where you prepare and submit tax forms for corporations or individuals. There is also Audit where you go over client's records to make sure that everything is being followed and properly prepared or recorded.

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