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Marcus Antony and Political Manipulation

            In modern day politics, the art of Political manipulation is very popular. In the case of the Rome Empire's history the art is well practiced by Mark Anthony during the second triumvirate era. The Romans during the triumvirate era and their perception of what we in the contemporary world call 'manipulation.' In the modern world, to refer to somebody as Antonio has an indirect connotation of a legend or master of political and military life. How did ancient notions of 'political manipulation' play out in Antonio's political machinations against the other two members of the second triumvirate?.
             Many previous studies have been completed in ancient Rome, including studies on Antony and his role in the second triumvirate. However, few studies have focused on Antony's political manipulation, and the impact of this to the political life in Rome, as well as the success or failure of the second triumvirate. Classical literature can give an insight into the political power plays that characterize Antony's political as well as military ambitions. Furthermore, less research has laid a significant focus on how Antony's political manipulation skills were linked to gender issues, and the Roman political power games, which have helped create a timeline of Antony's rise to political and military stardom.
             The objective of this study is find to out the relationship between these three key areas of research. The political agenda of the Marcus Antony and the prevalent Roman perceptions of masculinity in public life had a direct and significant impact on his actions, which led to the eventual collapse of the second triumvirate. All these were major factors that lead to the fall of the Second triumvirate.
             Additionally, one of the key factors that propelled Antony in politics was Roman mos maiorum. Many literature also point to this as a major source of influence on Antony's military success, as well as his political manipulation strategy.

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