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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

            What is a tragedy? One of the most famous tragedy is Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare about two star crossed lovers whose love sprung out of hate but was never meant to be. The feud between the Montague's and Capulets caused the lovers to rush many important decisions. Throughout the play Romeo shows how impatient he is to be with Juliet which causes many problems in their lives. Romeo, although older than Juliet and assumingly more experienced than Juliet, shows how naive he really is in many ways. These many flaws in Romeo cause many problems leading up to the tragedy. Therefore, the person who is the most responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is Romeo Montague.
             Romeo is a youth and although he is older than Juliet, he is very naive himself and also very narrow minded. In the beginning of the play he listens to the advice of the Friar but as the play goes on, Romeo grows closer to Juliet and farther from the Friar, his family, friends. As he is growing far from others, he is also being more narrow minded as he does not take advice from the Friar as he shows when the Friar says, "Arise, one knocks. Good Romeo, hide thyself" (III.iii.72) and Romeo responds by saying, "Not I, unless the breath of heart- sick groans Mist- like infold me from the search of eyes" (III.iii.73-74). He does not listen to the advice of the Friar because he is mad about his banishment and how he will not be able to see Juliet again and shows that he is not willing to listen to the advice of a person who is more experienced than himself. This leads to the tragedy as he does not take the advice and warnings of the Friar; the Friar is wise and Romeo is not but Romeo just wants to be with Juliet no matter what even if it causes bad to him which leads him to take his life for Juliet rather than taking sensible warnings and work out a way in which everyone is happy and alive.

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