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Gay Marriage - Time for Tolerance

            There are several standing viewpoints and opinions regarding the topic of gay marriage. The dispute that gay marriage should be legalized and recognized throughout America is highly controversial through many states, as well as amongst numerous individuals. According to an article released from the Human Rights campaign Office in 2012, there is nothing wrong with allowing homosexuals to marry amongst each other. Denying this privilege would be to deny them the rights that those who are heterosexual already possess. Every person should be allowed to pursue their own preferences of love and happiness, regardless of their choice of sexuality. Gay marriage should be recognized in all states and countries, for I firmly believe that it is a matter that has been pushed to the side and held off for far too long. .
             Moreover, there are several reasons as to why gay couples should have the freedom to marry. Homosexual couples have every right to feel as strongly about their partners, as well as their desire to be legally married, as any heterosexual couple does. They desire to obtain a marriage license that way their love can be legally recognized. Needless to say, any partnership that has the desire to get married is usually deeply in love, homosexual or not, and wish for nothing short of spending the rest of their lives with one another. Even though it is possible to do this without being married, they wish to honor their love and commitment by utilizing the greatest, most ceremonious, way that our society today has to offer, marriage. There should be no reason as to why to people cannot be joined in matrimony because of their sexual preferences. After all, the only difference between a man and a woman being joined in marriage, and two men or two women being joined in marriage, is merely the sex of those being joined. The 'love" is still present. The "love" is what matters. .
             Perhaps the most powerfully utilized argument, as to why homosexual couples should be allowed to marry, is in all likelihood, that they are being swindled out of their civil rights.

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