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Comparing and Contrasting Science with Christianity

            The task I have before me although challenging is possible. I am going to try and explain both science and Christianity. I will start with an over view of both then go on to how they are alike and are different. Science too I is the more concrete of the two with facts and math and numbers involved yet Christianity is based on something that even for the smartest scientist is hard to disprove faith. Both have their similarities and differences but you will find they are both worlds apart and go against each other so much that a ridiculous amount of people on both sides have been imprisoned because of them people have died by the thousands to protect on cause or the other.
             Science is the staple for most of humanity as we know from everything to how much food we have to building towers that actually scrape the sky science is in it all. Now there are some questions that science has not answered but to me the reason why science is the front runner for the most accurate history of our universe is that science is ever changing. Unlike almost all religion's science is able to accept when it is wrong and adapt to become correct given new evidence. Now sciences answer to how the universe came to be although shaky evidence at best still has proof for why there reasons make sense. In the beginning there was nothing and then something I'm not sure what but something happened and the universe, the infinite universe came from finite place of assumable infinite density and a big bang shot the universe into existence. It didn't shoot the universe and the earth into existence just the universe the earth wouldn't come to be for another nine billion years if you believe science.
             The Christian origin of the universe although much more spectacular to imagine happened in about a week where god created the universe the infinite universe. The next day god created earth and at first it was barren but in the next couple days I would come to grow the only source of life we are sure of in this universe.

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