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Plastic Bags - A Serious Environmental Threat

            Use of plastic bags becomes a part of our daily life. They are convenient and easy to use. Plastics bags are popular for the consumer and retailer because they are cheap, strong, and we seem to unable to do anything without them. Plastic bags aren't just at the grocery store; they are everywhere, from landfills, oceans, lakes, seas, and trees. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, and most of them don't get recycled, so wherever people leave them, they will stay forever. We are destroying our planet, and we don't realize the effect of the plastic bags. Plastic bags are very important for humanity and have been for the last 50 years. It allowed as achieving great things but also has a negative impact to our environment and the extensive use of them will cause pollution to the environment and harm to the ecosystem. .
             Plastics were first made of natural polymers, composed of carbon and hydrogen organic compounds, because of natural polymer plastic were biodegradable, until in 1909, an inventor named Alexander Baekeland invented synthetic polymer, called Bakelite. He created a new polymer that didn't exist on earth. This new polymer was created from phenol and formaldehyde, which are found in coal. Alexander Baekeland created the first man-made polymer. It never existed on earth, and there was nothing on earth that could break down this new polymer called Bakelite (Terry 16). This is how the existence of the non-biodegradable plastics we use today was created. .
             Plastic is the one the most widely used material and the cheapest in the world. Many of us don't realize plastic is part of our daily life, it surrounds us. Plastic is everywhere throughout our home, to our workplace, transportations, it could be in our clothing, computers, phones, dishes, toys, teeth, and eyeglasses. The list can go on forever. We absolutely need this material, but there is no organism that can degrade plastic. That means every piece we ever made still exists.

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