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Faustus as a Renaissance Spirit

            The word Renaissance literally means "Rebirth" or "Revival". It was a series of events during 15th and 16th century by which Europe passed from Medieval to Modern civilization. The Renaissance means reawakening of human mind, there was a new spirit of inquiry, of criticism and a passion of scientific inventions. Some of the major features that characterized the renaissance play are.
             Curiosity of knowledge.
             Spirit of adventure.
             Lust of obtaining power either from hooks or crooks.
             Individualism and worldliness.
             Love of beauty.
             Marlowe himself is the spirit of the renaissance. In the conception of his dramas he is impelled by the renaissance spirit of unlimited powers, unlimited knowledge for the sack of power and unlimited materliastics progress. His dramas also show the love of physical beauty and the desire of fulfilled sensual appetite. He was born on 1564; it was the age of renaissance. So his dramas possess all characteristics of renaissance plays. .
             First characteristic of renaissance that is found in Doctor Faustus is thirst of gaining knowledge. Faustus was presented as a scholar. He was the master of different subjects including science, medicines and divinity. Faustus had a wide knowledge but still he had a longing to increase his knowledge. He renounces god and pact his allegiance to Lucifer only because of his hope of earned knowledge of all universe. He wanted to know till the end. His gluttony of acquiring more and more knowledge leads him to his downfall. Doc Faustus being the product of renaissance is dissatisfied with the limited sphere of knowledge. He says,.
             The end of physics is our body's health.
             Why, Faustus hast thou not attain'd the end?.
             Renaissance praised individualism instead of society. Faustus being a man of renaissance also possesses the spirit of individualism. He showed no concerns with society; he wanted to be his own man and set his own rules rather than to follow the rules made by society.

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