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Medicine Overview - Norethindrone

            Similar to the female hormone, progesterone, norethindrone, prevents ovulation in many female patients. This is a prescription medication taken by females nationwide, as a form of birth control to prevent pregnancy. Not only is it used as a form of birth control; it is also used to treat endometriosis, menstrual disorders, or abnormal vaginal bleeding. (Norethindrone Medical Facts) In order to prevent pregnancy, the introduction of norethindrone to the human body allows the fluid in the vagina thicker prevent the sperm that is present to have a difficult time reaching the egg, and fertilizing it. Along with that, norethindrone also changes the lining on the wall of the uterus. By doing so, it makes it more difficult for the eggs, produced by the reproductive system, to bind to the wall. Therefore decreasing the number of fertilization locations for when there is sperm introduced. (Norethindrone (contraceptive) oral). With all of these many great factors who wouldn't want to be taking this drug? However, with all the beneficial factors to using this, there are a couple downfalls to this "magic" pill, one being irregular menstrual cycle. With the consumption of this prescription, it does not guarantee that your cycle is always going to be on time do too the changes and hormone levels in your body. Along with that, there is also edema, nausea, and breast tenderness. However, with these many side effects, there is still a demand for this drug due to the wonderful things it does for the female body. Who wouldn't want to take this drug after all that it does?.
             For one does of norethindrone, it is normally five milligrams per tablet. That dose is for a person taking it as an oral contraceptive. For some one taking it for, vaginal bleeding, or endometriosis, the dosage of the drug varies between 2.5 and 10 milligrams. In Figure One below, we see the standard five-milligram pill of norethindrone.

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