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Lucius Annaeus Seneca on Anger

             4 BC – AD 65) was a Roman philosopher and politician, who was one of the Stoics. Stoicism was a philosophy school which was started by Zeno(335 – 263B.C.) (Perry, Chase, Jacob, Jacob & laue 2009, p112). This essay will illustrate Seneca's views on anger by focusing on the define of anger, the accordance with nature, the reason of getting angry and ways to avoid anger. Then it will critically evaluate his views by focusing on the anger in our life and the oversight of his views.
             Anger, wrote by Seneca, is "a burning desire to avenge a wrong" or "a burning desire to punish him by whom you think yourself to have been unfairly harmed." (Seneca On Anger ex. 1.2). Seneca thinks anger is very evil to human which is a massive problem. Seneca points out "Anger is undoubtedly set in motion by an impression received of a wrong." (Seneca On anger ex. 2.1). To the contrary, reason is different from emotion. Reason was mentioned by Seneca in his arguments, which is the ability that human have to think and to make sensible judgments can be referred. Reason itself confide in taking control, and it is powerful so long as it keeps away from the emotion (Seneca On anger ex. 1.7). According to the whole statement, Seneca points out that we need to act from reason, but not from emotion (Seneca On anger ex. 1.12). While we are angry, use mind to think instead of getting emotional blind.
             Seneca states that anger is not in accordance with nature. "Man was created for mutual assistance, but anger was created for mutual destruction" (Seneca On anger ex. 1.5) which means anger is opposite to the nature. Meanwhile, according to Seneca, "Human life rests upon kindness and concord" (Seneca On anger ex. 1.5). In Seneca's opinion, human nature is upon peace and kindness, but anger damage everything in our daily life and plunge us into danger.
             According to the whole extract, Seneca supports that anger is uncontrollable, and we should not let anger control us which is out of governed.

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