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Transitions in Billy Elliot

            Transitions can be a difficult process with many obstacles to overcome, but ultimately the result is worth it. Transitions have obstacles in differing the individuals journey in being able to transition effectively which allows them to see themselves and the world around them in a new perspective. Billy Elliot, a film directed by Stephen Daldry was released in 2000 in an attempt to portray a powerful message involving many contexts. This struggle is also seen within the article 'From headscarves to helmets' written by Petrovich featuring the achievements of changing the Afghanistan societal gender normalities, and this reinforced by the play "Bitin Back" written by Vivienne Cleven challenging stereotypical views. Both texts convey the same message their environment being a barrier in being able to transcend effectively.
             Transitions are filled with obstacles that the individual is forced to overcome to be able to transition effectively. Throughout this film Billy the protagonist is faced with many challenges, one of these challenges is caused by the historical context in the town of Durham in which he lives in. This town is mining driven where their traditions such as boxing are important to them, as they have stereotypical views and a narrowed perception of the ideal masculine society. At the beginning of the film Billy's father is against the dance world and desperately urges Billy to go by societal norms and traditions. "Males do, football or boxing NOT ballet" , Jackie has a conservatorial view on the world which results in him not agreeing with his son's choice in choosing to pursue ballet. This is reinforced with truncated sentencing and high angle shot portraying Jackie's superiority in comparison to the low angle shot of Billy conveying that the town is diminishing his potential by their views. This is contrasted once Jackie becomes aware of Billy's Talent, realizing Billy could move into a higher social class.

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