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Premise Liability Legal Case

            This is a case where Dangerfield, Inc, owns and operates a New Hampshire ski resort. The valet parking is handled by Continental Concessions, LLC, which is Dangerfield's sister corporation. Both Dangerfield and Continental are subsidiaries of Sandman, Resorts, Inc. On January 16, 2011, Sara Hartman arrives for a week stay at the ski resort. Greg Mitchell is working as a valet parking attendant. Ms. Hartman gave her keys to Mr. Mitchell and went in front of her car toward the ski lodge entrance. Mr. Mitchell pulled the car forward, saw Ms. Mitchell, and tried to brake. However, his foot slipped off or brake onto the gas pedal. Ms. Hartman was crushed between her car and the car in front of hers. When Mr. Mitchell got out to help Ms. Hartman, he slipped on the snow and was injured. Both Ms. Hartman and Mr. Mitchell were injured in this incident. Ms. Hartman has sued all three companies. She sued Continental for negligence of Mr. Mitchell and independent negligence; Dangerfield for premises liability, apparent agency and "alter ego"; and Sandman because Continental and Dangerfield were instrumentalities. Mr. Mitchell also sued all three companies, along with Ms. Hartman. Mr. Mitchell felt that Ms. Hartman was negligent by walking in front of the car; Sandman and Dangerfield permitted multiple dangerous conditions to exist and his claim is based on strict liability. He is suing Continental for his wages. .
             When Ms. Hartman pulled up to leave her car with valet parking, Mr. Mitchell handed her a receipt. On the back of the receipt for the valet parking stated "The Management is Not Responsible for Damages Incurred by Valet Parking Customers." By leaving the vehicle with the valet parking attendant and accepting the receipt, Ms. Hartman agrees to hold Continental harmless of any damages caused by other customers. This claim of damage was caused by a Continental employee, Mr.

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