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Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legal?

            Imagine this, your in a hospital hooked up to numerous amounts of machines. You are constantly in pain, fatigue, and also you are suffering from the side effects of drugs. The doctors and nurses check on you throughout the day to see if you have died yet. They tell you that you have a zero chance of survival and it's just matter of time. You've come to terms with your death already but if you had the ability to choose how your life ended, wouldn't you use it? This is one of the many reasons Physician-Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia should be legal. It is the voluntary termination of one's own life by the administration of a lethal substance. Others believe that it shouldn't be legal for certain reasons. I feel that Physician Assisted Suicide should be legal for terminally ill patients across the U.S. .
             First off, PAS can help avoid suffering at end-of-life treatment. According to a recent study, 57% of physicians practicing today have gotten a request for euthanasia in some form or another. For example, 87 year old Brian Swallow is suffering from prostate cancer which has spread and cannot be cured. He is on morphine but the doctors say that the drugs will eventually cease to effect. "How can a country that prides itself of the freedom of the individual and has outlawed torture deny me the right to go peacefully? Must I reach the point of refusing water - letting my loved ones watch - as I starve myself to death" says Brian. This quote also points out another reason PAS should be legal, people may commit suicide in traumatic, unethical ways. Brian states that he would starve himself to death because of his suffering and there has also been numerous reports of terminally ill patients committing suicide. Euthanasia can be a humane way for patients to end their lives with dignity without the shame and suffering. .
             Nevertheless, some may believe that Physician-Assisted Death shouldn't be allowed for a variety of reasons.

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