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Stand by Me and Eldorado

            The understanding of one's inner journey is demonstrated through the ideas of self-development. Journeys bring adversity into people's lives; however each individual's way of handling it is different and therefore makes them distinctive from the rest. One's physical journey is simply moving from one place to another but usually features a change in mentality or expression for the protagonist, hence making it a physical and inner journey. Journeys are usually about life and life's lessons as they are somewhat relatable which naturally classifies them as bildungsroman. Lao Tzu famously stated "A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving", meaning that journeys are challenging and a reward in themselves, even if you don't reach your destination.
             Stand by Me is a film by Rob Reiner and Eldorado is a poem by Edgar Allen Poe which extensively explores both inner and physical journeys and helps develop understanding regarding life's main concepts which the protagonists have experienced throughout the entire journey. The goals for each protagonist are very similar: to find something. For Gordy this is the dead body of his brother and for the knight it is to find the city of Eldorado, a city believed to be full of hidden gold. Both these journeys span from childhood to adulthood, which can be defined as a bildungsroman. Stand By Me begins with an extreme long shot of a middle aged man called Gordy, who is sitting in a jeep with in the countryside, reminiscing about the death of his brother. This is evident in the quote "I was 12 going on 13 when I first saw a dead human being". It is clear that his death had a major impact on him and that death is realistic. In both texts, both protagonists have set out on courageous journeys and wanting to be heroic, in a way. The "gallant knight" featured here can be interpreted in a way that he is not actually a knight, but a young child dreaming to be a knight.

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