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Songbook of My Life

            Has there ever been that one song that makes you say "This is my jam?" When the song comes on and it makes you want to start dancing all of a sudden? Also, you have those songs where it changes your frown upside down. Those type songs to me are the best songs in the world and probably the most cherished ones. Each and every one of us has at least one song that makes us feel something right in our hearts. Music is very influential and powerful and shouldn't be played with lightly.
             I was a very happy and carefree child back in the day. I would repeat anything I hear and just go along with the flow. I liked music very much and to make things better, my dad was a DJ as well. Winter is my favorite season out of the year and Christmas is my favorite holiday. When I was little around the time of Christmas, usually in early December, my dad and I would start to put up the Christmas tree. As we put up the Christmas tree, we would also listen to some music. Back then, I had this CD by Kidz PoP, a famous company producing music for young kids. The CD had a lot of great Christmas songs such as: "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" or "Santa Claus Coming to Town". But the one song that I like the most out of the twelve was "Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer" by Elmo & Patsy. Mind you, as a little kid, you don't pay any sort of attention to the lyrics, you just hear them and you start going with flow. Every time that song comes on, my dad and I would sing it together and make a lot of noise. It was one of his favorite Christmas songs as well. Back then there was a cartoon movie that only appear during Christmas that is based off this song with the same title and theme music. So not only I had lyrics, I also had an animation to go along with my favorite song. I would watch the movie every time it comes on and call my dad to come watch with me even if it came on four times already in one day. Now, as I am older, I actually pay attention to the lyrics because in the song it actually tells a story while singing.

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