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1984 - Winston Smith as Misogynistic and Paranoid

            Winston Smith, the protagonist of the classic, 1984, is an exclusive individual with various traits and tendencies. Similar to the plot of the book, his mental presence and emotions have been constantly juggled, creating a character whose true identity is yet to be discovered. Winston's profound and attention seeking aspects include his misogynistic mind, it's a bright times, and his hyperactive awareness of his surroundings. .
             Winston's opinion on the female masculinity has been evident from the beginning sectors of the book; he despises them. This is simply due to his belief that women tend to be the most enthusiastic Party members, portrayed in the it's a bright time. At first glance, Julia represents the average female population. She promotes the hatred of Emmanuel Goldstein during the Two Minutes Hate and supports chastity as the leader of Junior Anti-Sex League. This serves as the fuel to the evolution of Winston's misogynistic mind. The human brain is capable of constant evolution, for both the better and worse. In this case, it has evolved for the worse. Winston 's hatred reforms into sexual violence, which has been primarily directed towards Julia. The first time he sees her, he describes that he wants to "ravish her" and as Winston continues to describe what things he would do to her, it shows how corrupted Winston's brain has become. He does not have to know a female to hate or fantasize about her, a simple glance becomes enough. Winston's current environment plays a massive role on his corrupted mind. The most evident reason, which is mentioned further in Part One, is because of the sexual frustration enforced by the regime. Sexual intercourse is used merely as a method to increase the population of loyal comrades to the Party. Sex is not to be used to show affection or gain pleasure. Seeing Julia as a member of Junior Anti-Sex League reminds Winston of his sexual freedom taken away by the Party, thus building up anger, congesting his mind with violent thoughts.

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