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Mary Kay Ash - A Great Business Leader

            Mary Kathleen Wagner was born in Hot Wells, Texas. Her family relocated to Houston's Sixth Ward where at seventeen she wedded her first husband Ben Rogers. After eleven years of matrimony Ben asked Mary Kay for a divorce. Mary Kay needed to provide for her family so she acquired a job in door to door sales. She left that corporation, moved to Dallas and started work at World Gift where her transactions the first year were equivalent to that of the company's whole sales team. She recognized she had touched her limit when they passed her over for promotion in favor of a man she taught. History recapping itself was not for her, so she decided to give up work and compose a book on the occupation of sales. With about 5,000 dollars in savings she decided to go into business. Mary Kay had attained the privileges to a formula for a skin care cream. Mary Kay continuously used the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" as a founding principal of her company (Much, 2010). Beauty by Mary Kay was opened in 1963. A year after Mary Kay's introduction, sales were $198,000; in 2007 they reached $2.4 billion (Clifford, 2008). She used a yearly event called "Seminar" for inspiration, training, mentoring, and used gifts and awards system for her top sales people. Among other prizes were jewelry, exotic retreats and her legendary pink Cadillacs. .
             Mary Kay Ash has proven a moving management in the business community, making her one of the exceptional women of her period. Mary Kay Ash Leadership Style has left a positive influence to the lives of many females. She has expert transformational leadership, a process of changing and altering people. Transformational leadership "is a process that changes and transforms people" (Northouse, 2010). She has inscribed a guide to help women lead the business world. This woman really did a brilliant job of moving the mindset and outlook of women so that they will be steered towards change and achievement.

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