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An Analysis of Asterix in Britain

             "Asterix" or "The Adventures of Asterix" as it is sometimes called is a series of French comic books. It is one of the most well-known around the world along with Tintin, Lucky Luke and Spirou. According to the BBC as of 2007 there had been "325 million copies of the 33 album series" sold. As of 2015 there have been 35 copies released. The series originally appeared in the Belgian magazine "Pilote".
             This project aims to examine the issues that the translators, from the French to the English versions, encountered with the translations of Asterix in Britain, while maintaining a specific focus on the linguistic and cultural issues. Seeing as Asterix is a series which is laden with cultural references, puns and very "French" jokes, this task may pose a challenge for the translators. This research will focus on certain translation theories that are the main research areas that are of interest for contemporary translation researchers and see how these theories apply to "Asterix in Britain" which is the specific edition that this project will analyse. .
             1.2 Project Structure.
             As this project aims to focus on an analysis of the difficulties encountered by the translators of the Asterix series when translating "Asterix in Britain", the manner in which the project will be structured will be as follows:.
             Chapter one will introduce the topic in question and the research question that accompanies it. The project will attempt to highlight the relevance of the question asked and it will outline sources used in the literature review. In chapter two the Asterix series will be presented. There will be a background to the origins of the series, the relevant aspects that will be analysed such as the characters and the plot will be examined, beginning with a look at the Asterix series as a whole and then more closely at "Asterix in Britain".

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