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Sideline and Competitive Cheerleading

            Most say that cheerleading isn't a sport, but I am about to tell you the difference. There's cheerleading for the football and basketball teams which is basically just for fun. Honestly when people say cheering isn't a sport I tell them that sideline, which is when you cheer for football, isn't a sport but when you compete, others and I consider it a sport. Everything you do no matter what sport it is, you should have fun doing it.
             Friday night games are when you go out there and perform your best for you, your team, and your audience. Cheering for your school football team is the best feeling ever when you can you just be able to go out there and cheer on your team. Being a cheerleader, you are usually the football team's number one supporter because you will always be behind them 100 percent win or lose. A cheerleader pretty much represent the school; you are expected to have the most school spirit and represent your school with pride. When you are out in public you definitely need to present yourself well and act well because if you look/act badly out in public someone will call you out on it and then you just represented you, your squad, and your school badly.
             Competition cheer for the school has to be the best decision I have ever made in my high school career. Walking out on that mat for the first time ever is the most nerve wrecking feeling ever because you want to put your all out there on that mat just for two minutes and thirty seconds of your life. But first you have to get through a miserable first two months to practice your butt off just for that two minutes and thirty seconds. You will be put everything you have into that routine. When people say the saying, "Blood, sweat, and tears," we really put blood, sweat, tears into the routine. Cheering is not an easy sport; you are basically risking your life for this sport. It's amazing because once you have everything perfect in your routine and it is about that time for competition day you just can't wait to see everyone in the Prince George section cheering you on.

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