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Diffusion Through a Semi-Permeable Membrane

             The Aim of this investigation is to observe diffusion through a semi-permeable membrane .
             Is to record to rate of osmosis a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, until an overall concentration is reached through a semi- permeable membrane called diffusion.
             The hypothesis is that the diffusion of glucose will intensify with a larger concentration gradient. .
             In this situation the independent variable the different concentrations of glucose cause an effect on the dependent variable which is the level of glucose. .
             The Independent variable is the different concentration of glucose 10%, 20%, 30%. The Dependent variable level of glucose And the Controlled variable are the thistle funnel, dialysis tubing, measuring cylinder and glucose test strip. .
             Materials .
             • Thistle funnel .
             • Gas jar or measuring cylinder .
             • Retort stand and clamp .
             • Dialysis Tubing .
             • Distilled water .
             • Cellulose bag .
             • Level of glucose (10%, 20%, 30% .
             Method .
             Firstly lab coats were collected .
             All the materials were collected from the front of the class and set up. The resort stand and clamp was used to suspend the funnel and the tubing, a beaker was then place on the bottom of all this.
             The dialysis tubing which looked like a plastic strip was moistened with distilled water in a beaker. .
             A knot was tied on the bottom and one connected to the stem of the thistle funnel. .
             Then from the top of the thistle funnel the glucose solution was transferred into the dialysis tubing, til the level raised an estimated 2 - 3cm up the stem of the funnel. Any air bubbles were dislodged.
             For the next minute the dialysis tubbing was watched closely for any leaking or holes. .
             After conforming that there wasn't any the outside of the tubing was rinsed thoroughly .
             Before the experimenting had started, carefully without disturbing the setup the level of glucose was marked accurately.

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