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Black Elk Speaks (The Circle)

             The circle is nature, love, hate, and happiness. The circle is about continuous life, not death from being born to being reborn. The circle is nature, from the fish in the sea to the eagle in the sky. The circle is everywhere around us, from the peeks of the mountain as far as the whole roundness of the Earth. The circle is the seasons of the Earth, from summer to winter and around back to summer again. With the beliefs of the Native Americans or the Indians, the circle is life. .
             The circle has many different meanings for everyone. The circle represents many things for the Native American culture. First and foremost the circle or hoop represents the community of Indian culture. Cultures, when they are united in a circle together as one can make a difference. In the book, Black Elk states that when the white man made square houses for the Indians the hoop was broken. The circle is a bond of brotherhood among the Indian nations. All dances are done in a circle formation. The circle represents everything around us. "The powers of the world always work in circle"(194). This in turn suggests that everything in the world is circular. The days are a good example of this, from sun up in the east around the earth to sun down in the west, and around the other side of the earth. The four seasons, from winter to summer and back to winter every year are another example of the circle in nature. This is a continuous circle. .
             "The power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round."(150) The sun is a round powerful source. It gives us light, warmth, and the ability for all living creatures to grow. This source helps the grass grow and become greener, helps the plants grow, and helps us to be healthier. The sun gives us joy, a sense of peace, and a sense of life to continue on with our day in which the sun provides for us. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west in a circular direction, and helps give us the most beautiful view of everything natural, like the mountains, and the sea.

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