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The Use of Deadly Force

            The use of deadly force by police officers has been questioned many times by the people of the country. Deadly force is defined as, an amount of force likely to cause serious bodily injury or death to another person ("Legal dictionary "). The use of deadly force is not an issue to turn the other cheek too and should be dealt with great concern; especially when it comes to the police who are to serve and protect. .
             Law enforcement is broken up into three levels in Canada. The three levels are municipal, provincial, and federal. There are many police forces all across Canada and are generally urban based; with cities having their own police services which falls under the municipal level. Furthermore, the use of deadly force has always been something of question not only here in Canada but other countries as well such as, our neighboring country the United States. Views throughout society about police use of deadly force vary but many believe that there is no need for it or should be terminated, rather than, deadly force is used by police as a tool to control a situation. If all other methods of taking control of a situation are unsuccessful or the situation begins at a high level of threat, then the police are to use deadly force. Deadly force could also result from, irrational behavior that the criminal is acting upon, suspect fleeing from the scene, being fired upon, or even resisting arrest; and these are only main reasons as to why deadly force would be used in a situation by the police. .
             Conflicts between people happen on an everyday basis, whether it is a minor or major one. In Vancouver British Columbia, a man was tasered numerous times by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on October, 2007 at Vancouver International Airport. The questions that had arisen due to this incident had caused much chaos not only in Vancouver but all over the world. This conflict had led to people not only in Vancouver or Canada feeling that they could not trust the police but across the globe.

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