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King Louis XIV

            It is with a critical eye that we gaze upon the great figures of the past that fill our textbooks and populate our novels. Biographies, letters, and novels are the primary remnants we have of these medieval men and women who are such significant elements of european history. When reflecting on the french monarchy during the 12th Century, no King is more celebrated for "turning the fortunes of the French Monarchy and beginning a rend of augmented royal power' than Louis XIV. the written accunt which we draw our knowledge of Louis and his accomplishments (as well as his shortcomings) is the Biography written by Suger, the Abott of St. Dennis entitled "the Deeds od Louis the Fat". In this composition, we find detailed acounts of his life and act as first the prince of France abd then as King from 1108 to 137. After critical analysis of Louis leadership abilities during his administration, it is pparent that he was no great king, but rather a decent one that had few outstanding accomplishments, but no huge falicies either. Although Suger gives him mich praise as a champion of war, a friend of the Catholic church, and a savior of the poor, is deeds show he wqs a decent King who was successful in maintaining rule and royal holdings, keeping a strong relationship with church officials, and keeping the French populus from revolting. As said in the introduction, "Louis was by no means an outstanding King, but as has well ben said i9n a slightly different connection, uger waved his wand over small ber and turned it into wine".
             Let us first look upon Louis involvement with war and omestic disbutes about land holdings that we might be able to get a better taste of this "small beer." Suger cements his opinion of King Louis as a brilliant military strategist through his numerous land captures. In fact, the first fifty pages of the biography (along with a great portion of the rest of the bok) was about his seizure of lands.

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