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Eliminating Gangsterism in School

            Gangsterism is one of them major problems faced by school nowadays. Gangsterism has become a menace due to its violent nature. Gangsterism involves not only bullying but physical assault. Why does gangsterism happen? This is because gangsters are lack of parental guidance and love, influence of peers subtle message of the mass media, feeling of boredom with life and its pressure, worst still, they think that oppressing others can show one's superiority and strength. These reasons create an environment that give rise to gangsterism from happening. Hence, all the units should take actions before this problem is out of control. All of us should cooperate and work hand in hand to curb and prevent this problem become more serious. As the saying goes, " prevent is better than cure.".
             First and foremost, as a friend and a student, you must take a responsibility to report immediately to the school administrator if you witnessed your friend were being bullied or involved in gangsterism. Remember, do not defend your friend, you are not helping them by not saying anything about their actions. On the contrary, you are harming them. Be brave to stand up for others because you may be the only one who can help them. For students who give information about gangsterism in schools should be given rewards as an encouragement so that this phenomena cold be curb from spreading. Besides, the school authority need to ensure that the school counselors have play their crucial role. They are responsible to give counseling to the problematic students. Counseling teachers should do close monitoring and have regular spot checks to find out about the movement of students to ensure that they are not involved in gangsterism. Those who did gangsterim should be given warning and punished severely. Most of the gangsters have manner issues. Therefore, teacher who teach moral values should did their jobs. Parents must have adequate skills to protect their children from gangsterism in schools.

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