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The Attacks at Charlie Hebdo

            Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical magazine that has been running for years, which I would personally describe as quite left wing and very secular as it appears to depict all aspects of society in a very crude humorous way. Over the years Charlie hebdo has been sued nearly 50 times. The attack was due to the much controversial content of the magazine mainly of its depictions of the prophet Muhamad as in some interpretations of Islam any depictions of Muhammad are strictly forbidden. In 2006 the magazine depicted twelve images of the prophet Muhammad including an image of a weeping Muhamad with the text "Muhammad overwhelmed by fundamentalists". This sparked huge amounts of controversy and made the magazine very well-known and highly condemned around the Muslim world. The magazine was brought to court due to this publication and was attempted to be prosecuted for hate speech by the French council for Muslim faith, however they were unsuccessful and before the case had finished the magazine published another offensive cartoon stating with the text "Charlie Hebdo must be veiled." In 2011 Charlie Hebdo then produced a cartoon stating "one hundred lashings if you don't die of laughter" with another depiction of Muhamad and due to this the Charlie Hebdo offices were firebombed. Later in 2011 they published another depiction of Muhammad as a homosexual kissing one of the cartoonists of the Charlie Hebdo magazine with a quote "love is stronger than hatred.".
             On the 7th of January 2015 two masked men identified as Cherif and Said Kouachi attacked the building of which the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdos offices with assault rifles riddling it with bullets in military combat style. The men open fired and killed a total of twelve people eleven of whom worked in the offices and one police officer "Amhed Merabet" a further five were wounded.

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