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Biography of Wilt Chamberlain

            Wilt Chamberlain was a normal child, though he ended up being one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Entering Overbrook High School, he was 6'11 and realized he needed to focus on basketball (Straub, Browne 3). As a child he was an avid track and field runner and thought basketball was a sissy game. He and his family of eight eventually realized basketball, would be taking him to bigger and better things (3). Despite all of the people who had made fun of his height and speaking disabilities, "The Stilt" which was a common nickname he hated managed to work harder than any other athlete in the country and, coming out of high school, he was one of the top-rated basketball players in America (Straub, Browne 3). Wilt knew his ability was unmatched, but he didn't expect to have such a huge impact on the game.
             Growing up in a crowded home in a racially-mixed neighborhood in Philadelphia as a child, Wilt had 8 siblings, but he was definitely the most talented out of all the Chamberlains (Straub, Browne 3). His Mother Olivia and Father William were both big believers in hard work (1). Growing up, Wilt was always had to help out around the house and he had his first job at the age of 7 helping the local milkman lift and stack crates (1). At a young age though, Wilt always recalled his father taking him to sporting events, showing him what someone can do with enough drive and perseverance (1).
             Away from the game though, he always felt awkward for being his size (1). In west Philadelphia, he was always taller than all of his friends and was often ridiculed because of it (1). His friends even made fun of his stutter (1). "You learn to tolerate [verbal abuse], but I do not know whether you fully accept it or not." (1) Sadly, he was also embarrassed even to put on his own basketball shorts due to the fact that they were so short and you could notice his long, thin legs (1).

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