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The Upside of Single Sex Schools

            Single-sex education helps children grow up in a learning environment without distractions of the opposite sex and where they feel completely comfortable. There are many benefits to attending a single sex high school in preparation for ones' future. As a student at the University of Missouri I have come to the realization that going to an all boys or an all girls school is quite the norm. A good chunk of Mizzou's population is from Saint Louis, where the better education is believed to be in single sex private schools. There are definitely differences when it comes to comparing coed schooling and single-sex schooling. Students benefit from customized learning at same-sex schools. Boys and girls learn very differently and excel in different subjects so it's helpful for them to be separated. A student who attends a single-sex high school is more likely to communicate with their professors openly and without fear. Students who attended single-sex high schools did not miss out on opportunities to mingle with the opposite sex. Interactions between single sex high schools are common and really develop students' social and communicational skills. It is a gradual process but by the time one graduates from high school they are ready to be released into the real world, especially if choosing to attend a coed University. .
             Through high school years there are awkward stages of puberty and realizations of the opposite sex. Hormones are high in high school classrooms, which may make it hard for coed schools to have complete concentration in the classroom (Jost, 2002). There are many insecurities in a teenagers mind while in high school. Girls always want to know if they look okay, if they are smart enough or even if they are too smart. My female cousin can be used as a prime example for someone who attended a single sex school. She told me she loved it, she never had to wear make up to school and it gave her the chance to feel much smarter in the classroom.

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