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Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

            In the United States of America, there are many issues that arise from specific conflicts. For example, the Vietnam War was a very dreaded and difficult time for all war veterans and Americans as a whole. The Vietnam War contained over fifty million American soldiers dead and most Vietnam War veterans have attempted suicide. Due to this horrible conflict, most veterans that returned home had social issues due to the horrific and intense experiences in the war. Unfortunately, instead of being celebrated by the society, most war veterans were neglected and almost seen as the enemy. There are many artists that respond to social issues through their work. For example, Bruce Springsteen's hit single "Born in the USA" illustrates the time during the Vietnam War and explains some of the struggles Vietnam veterans experienced, as well as the working classes in the United States. "Post-Vietnam Struggle (PVS) is the veteran's attempt to re-integrate into society after undergoing the most intense, conflicting experience of his life. If society does not understand that experience, then the struggle after returning home is harder, sometimes impossible. America has shown little concern for the truth behind Vietnam and this is reflected in the treatment and lack of concern for the troubles of the Vietnam veteran" (The War Comes Home, 5). .
             Bruce Springsteen was seen as a man among boys. "In the summer of 1984, America's foremost working class hero stood on stage, dwarfed by an enormous Patton-like flag, pounding the air with his fist as if it mattered" (Cowie and Boehm, 353). Springsteen was seen as an idol to most young white Americans because they felt as if they could relate to him and his music. When audiences first listen to Springsteen's hit single "Born in the USA," a sense of pride is felt to the song's chorus. After the lyrics are further interpreted, a further meaning can be found in the piece.

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