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Sociology of Game of Thrones

            In honor of Game of Thrones returning for season five an examination of all the conflicting powers within the mythical world of a song of fire and ice at this stage of the story. From gender conflict to slave, master relations examinations of these dominate versus recessive pairing is key to understanding the sociological ins and outs of Game of Thrones. However due to the complex history of events some back story must be given for certain examples. Delving into this world with sociological conflict theory, it is expected that not all conflict theories coincide perfectly within this realm seeing how it is a fictional tale in a fictional world. In this world of conflict, romance, and death, examination of dominant versus recessive power relations will be tested and proven.
             There are many examples of power relations in the world of game of thrones. Most of them are obvious such as the rich and noble versus the poor, and male versus female. Others are more difficult to detect such as youth versus adult, and religious noble versus royalty. All of these power relations either directly or indirectly prove conflict theory of socialism based on circumstance. In the case of indirect examples the recessive party actively individually asserts themselves as either equal or dominant to the normally dominant party. By doing this as an individual they isolate themselves among the dominant party and prove that the conflict theory design exist. In classic conflict social scenarios the system is designed to keep individuals of the dominant party dominant and the recessive party kept out of the dominant party.
             All individuals have a place in several categories of conflict. For example three of the main protagonist in game of thrones are women indirectly recessive to men, two of them are royalty and remain dominant to the poor and nobles. One is dominated in her respective kingdom by a ruling husband, father or son.

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