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Biography of Tupac Shakur

            When someone thinks about rap music and how it all started one person comes to mind as the man who put it all together. Tupac Shakur was not only a rapper, He took rap music to a whole new level and would talk about issues that reflected off him and his family. He was raised in a home that was involved in the Black Panther which taught him that the truth is always the most important thing. He was a highly intellectual person who was knowledgeable in all topics and never cared what people had to say about him because he knew the reasoning behind all his actions and would always express it when people would confront him about him. Overall he was not a person who just developed all these features naturally. From the time he was born to the time that he was becoming famous and even up until he was murdered he went through hardships which is what created him and who he was as a person. .
             Tupac's mother and father were both active members of the Black Liberation Army and had been convicted and imprisoned for several offenses. His godfather who was a Black Panther and stepfather who spent four years on the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives list had also been arrested for serious crimes including the killing of officers, robberies and several other incidents. Coming from a family with members spending countless jail times he learned that jail is not something to fear but fight for your freedom, fight for the freedom of black people all over. Later in his school life starting from when he was 12 years old he started to participate in plays and shows. When he was 15 him and his family moved to Baltimore and he transferred to Baltimore School for the Arts where he studied acting, poetry, jazz and ballet. He was remembered in the school because of his great rapping skills and the way he would mix with all crowds. Later when he was 17 he did a project where he said he was going to change the world, when he started attending a poetry class the teacher organized a concert with his former group called "Strictly Dope" which lead him to the beginning of his fame when he got signed with Digital Underground.

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