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Both Sides of the Dream Act

            The Dream Act, short for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, is to allow the young illegal immigrant children that grew up going to the United States' high schools the ability to serve in the US military and to continue their education. By enacting this bill, young immigrants can gain legal citizenship status. In order to change the status from undocumented to legal status, these immigrant minor will have to pass background checks, have moral behaviors also to graduate from high school and to finish military services or to finish the college courses. Reasons for the name is in the past the term for immigrants were called "Dreamers." This word was to describe the young immigrants that dreamed to be brought up in the United States and also in many ways identified as Americans. By passing the Act it will benefit the country by increasing the number of the military and decreasing the drop out rate of high school students. In this paper we will see arguments for the Dream Act from Democrats, Republicans and also seeing more additional benefits it may bring to America. .
             The Democratic Party and President Obama have fought to support the Dream Act. They believe that legislation should ensure that young people should be part of our society and gain ultimate citizenship, additionally it will gather supporters for the country's army. They feel for the students that have to endure the threat of deportation once eighteen even despite their hard work in this country. President Obama announced a stay for undocumented immigrants who have entered the states under the age of sixteen and who have pursed in education or who have entered in military service will be exempt from deportation and for the next few years they will be qualified to a work permit. Believing that this act will strengthen the American community, the immigration reform will back our economic system and improve our value viewpoint of other nations.

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