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The Life, Career and Legacy of Frederick Douglass

            "Right is of no sex, Truth is of no color, God is the Father of us all, and we are all Brethren." These eloquent words were written by African American abolitionist, orator, author, and, women's rights activists Frederick Douglass. The quote mentioned above was also the slogan of his weekly published newspaper titled, "The North Star." Nevertheless, Frederick Douglass made many resolute contributions to reestablish the African American race their entitled freedom that was inevitably guaranteed by the United States of America's Constitution written by Thomas Jefferson. But, the folly of the white Americans botched the African Americans rights of the constitution causing African Americans to become slaves during the formation of civilization. However, Frederick Douglass was the intrepid being on behalf of the mass of oppressed and acquiescent African Americans who were deemed as inferior by fellow Caucasian Americans. Frederick Douglass was persistent and adamant throughout the span of his career in obtaining the liberty and rights for his African American brethren in all aspects of being a born American citizen which are being expressed today. Therefore, Frederick Douglass was the most remarkable and stupendous African American of the nineteenth century.
             In the year 1818, Frederick Douglass was believed to be born a slave by his mother Harriet Bailey. But, Frederick Douglass did not know his exact age, because he was a slave. According to Gates, "The slave-mothers measured the ages of their children by spring time, winter time, harvest time, and planting time; but these soon became undistinguishable and forgotten"(140). Nevertheless, Frederick Douglass's master said, "Sometime during 1835, he was about seventeen years old" (qtd. in Douglass 15).This led to the conclusion that Frederick Douglass was born in the year 1817. But, according to slave records Douglass was actually born in the year 1818.

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