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Pit Bull Misconceptions

            In one of Sports Illustrated 1987 issues, the cover featured a photograph of a pit bull in full snarl and ears back. Its headline read, "BEWARE OF THIS DOG." This fed into the growing anxiety against pit bulls everywhere. There are many individuals that believe the misconceptions that this breed of dog is only bred to be a cruel and vicious fighter, and an intimidation to those around it. If those members of society who really do raise and train this breed to be in that stereotype where taught the correct ways to raise and train their pit bulls, then this beautiful breed of dog would not face being banned from cities and states around the country, and would not have the weight of the labels violent and cruel on its shoulders (Queen). .
             Due to the issues surrounding this breed, several state legislative branches have enacted Breed Specific Legislation for pit bulls. Some of these decisions have either completely banned them from specific cities, or completely out of the state. Arkansas and Maryland have made it that no dog that is sired with the "pit bull" breed in its linage is to be kept within state lines. A veteran in Aurora, Colorado was put through a very stressful ordeal when his city brought out a ban on pit bulls. Allen Grinder's dog was used to help him treat his PTSD. Police officers took "Precious" from Allen in 2009 but was soon returned when the ADA became involved and a grandfather clause was brought and passed through the legislation (Greenwood). Because of all the previous misunderstanding of this breed, people have misjudged them and chalked them up to be overly aggressive. Here it is clearly stated that these animals have the potential to be service dogs if trained and raised correctly.
             All owners are responsible for the well-being and care of their animals. This is not only the case in taking care of your cats or hamsters, but also all breeds of dog.

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